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Our motorcycle repairs can't be matched anywhere else in Texarkana

We've made a name for ourselves by offering the most reliable and dependable Harley Davidson and American service and repair in Texarkana for the last 28 years. We live, breathe, and dream everything American-made. Maybe it's in the way they stand. Maybe it's the way that exhaust note roars and rumbles through your body. Maybe it's more than those combined. We don't know. We just know that we'll treat your motorcycle as we'd take care of our own and take care of all of your needs affordably. 

Motorcycle repair and servicing

You’ve had your bike for awhile now and maybe it’s not riding as well as it should anymore. No problem by us. 

Bring it down and we’ll diagnose whatever issues you have and get your wheels down on the ground and your engine roaring once again. With our overhauls your motorcycle will be better than new.

Custom work: Harley Davidson and other American-mades

There’s only one way to stand out in a crowd of motorcycles and that’s putting some custom work into your machine. 

Harley Davidson and everything else American-made is our passion. It’s in our blood. American grease stains our shirts. If you have parts already we’ll put them on your motorcycle, and if you don’t, we’ll get them for you and then install them. Let’s talk about making your ride stand-out.

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Ground-up builds

We’re not scared of digging deep into your project. For a truly remarkable, custom job we’ll build you a motorcycle from the ground-up.

Have you had a dream custom bike in mind for decades that you wanna build? Nothing intimidates us. We have the expertise to make it and exceed your wildest dreams.
Mechanic repairing motorcycle engine in Texarkana
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